Prince John is Main character of Robin Hood and Villian numbher 1 TheBluesrockz

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  • Jafar In Chipladdin
  • Captain Hook In Chip Pan
  • Darth Vader
  • Rasputin
  • Red Eye - jeanette and skippy

Voice ActorsEdit

  • Hans Conried Chip Pan
  • James Earl Jones In Star Wars (TheBluesRockz Style)
  • Vincent Price In The Great Rescue Ranger Detective
  • Jonathan Freeman In Chipladdin
  • Ratcliffe In Gadgethonast
  • Christopher Lloyd In Rebbecstasia
  • Jim Cummings In Baloo & Yogi Rescue Rangers
  • Jack Palance In The Mouse Princess
  • Ted as Jame In Pokemon (Episode 1-8)
  • Eric Stuar Pokemon (TheBluesRockz Animal Style)
  • Carter Cathca In Pokemon (Presents)
  • Charlie Adler - Jeanette & Skip

Quotes In SpoofsEdit

  • as Captain Hook I'II Get you For This Rescue Ranger If It Last Thing I Can Do
  • as Ratigan What Chip On the Case Why you Gibbering Little
  • as Jafar It's Time to Say Goodbye to Prince Abooboo
  • as Rothbart No Molly is Mine
  • as Syndrome My Name is Not Simba
  • as Darth Vader No I am your father


  • In Chip Pan as Caprtain Hook (Frist Voice)
  • In The Great Rescue Detective as Ratigan (Voice)
  • Chipladdin as Jafar (Voice)Ga naar Chipladdin as Jafar (Voice)
  • In chip Pan as Captain Hook (Second Voice)
  • In Kit's Laboratory as Mandark (Voice)
  • In The Incerdibles (TheBluesRockz Animal Style) as Buddy Pine/Syndrome (Voice)

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