these are roles how she played played


  • Amy/Sailor Mercury (Smart)
  • Cholena (????)
  • Alana (Beautif)
  • (Hothead)
  • Misty (Cute)
  • Mary (Cool)
  • Super Pig (Tough)

About the Roles

Sailor Gadget:

A Blue heaired Sailor scout whith blue oufit and Genius and One of the Second Sailor Scout Best Friends With Gadget Foxglove Misty Bianca


A Beatifulle Hotheaded Tomboy the Gym Leader of Curelean City and one of Dale's Friends who leaves in curelean city and Chased Dale at the Beging of the spoof because her Bike was destroyed and sometime Lost her Temperment She Hates Bugs and get a Friend with eggpokemon Named By Togepi

A London Tale 3

A Indian Squirrel who lives In Treasue Island who enemies Prince John lead and Love Inside In Chip aka Fievel

The Little Mouse

No Info