• Narrator: Legend has it, there was a king so cruel and so evil, that the guards feared him. Since no prison could hold him he was trapped forever in the form of a great Black Cauldron.
  • Chip: Jenner. That black-hearted devil.
  • Narrator: TheBluesRockz's Productions presents The Black Cauldron (TheBluesRockz Animal Style). Escape into a world of darkness...
  • Dale: Are you coming?
  • Pikachu: Me? Go in there? Oh, no, no, no. It's a terrible place.
  • Narrator: ...a world of excitement...
  • (Dale Uses his Sword)
  • Narrator: ...a world of dreams.
  • Voice: Dale, the greatest warrior of a true hero!
  • Narrator: And through the magic of 70 little meter photography, and 6 track Dolby sound, you will be transported to a fantasy world event for the entire family.
  • Sullivan: Look! Look, Sire! It's working!
  • Jenner: Soon the Black Cauldron will be mine.
  • Narrator: In the great tradition of TheBluesRockz animated classics now comes the newest TheBluesRockz spectacle of them all, The Black Cauldron (TheBluesRockz Animal Style).
  • Coming Soon to YouTube.

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